Dry Disconnect

TR Series

TR Series

RS, Germany

- Excellent flow-through capacity
- Low pressure loss
- Small residues
- Protected against product loss
- Protection for employees and the environment
- Excellent coupling geometry
- Rugged design
- Integrated swivel joint protects against hose torsion
- Integrated mechanical coding prevents accidental miscoupling
- Coupling monitoring system based on the integration of corresponding sensors
- Approved to ATEX Directive, TA Luft (German Clean Air Act), EC Type excamination

- Secure coupling connection by means of control cams and spools
- The female and male sections are impermeably connected to one another by means of a 120° rotation
- Sealing mechanism based on spring-loaded, axially closing valves
- Product leakage is prevented by "Safety in Design". Coupling halves are sealed before the valves open, or the valves are closed before the coupling halves are separated
- Female section features optimised flow characteristics. All components (e.g. springs) are outside the flow cross-section

Suitable for all loading and transfer processes in the area of fluid handling

Sizes: 1" to 4" (DN 25 to DN 100), Others available on request

Materials: Stainless steel 1.4571/1.4401, Handwheel (TRM 40 – 100) polypropylene, Others available on request

Available end connections: BSP female thread (1" to 4")DIN, ISO or ASA flanges, Others available on request

Working pressure: PN 25, Max. actuating pressure: approx. 6 bar

Gaskets: Thread seal: PTFE, O rings: FPM, EPDM, FFKM, NBR, Others available on request

Add on Options:
- cable release

PP Dust cap and dust plug available


Please discuss your requirements with any of our Sales representatives.

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