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OPW Kamvalok® - Flanged Adaptor

OPW Kamvalok® - Flanged Adaptor

OPW®, U.S.A.

The OPW 1600ANF Series Adaptors are designed specifically for applications using an ASME flange. The OPW 1673ANF, 1674ANF and 1676ANF Dry Disconnect Adaptors keep hazardous chemicals and vapors in-line and out of the environment. Rugged, yet quickly and easy to install, the 1600ANF Series is ideal for closed-loop loading conversions.

- Spill Prevention - The poppet-actuated design can only be opened with a Kamvalok® coupling; designed to provide a tight seal when closed.
- Easy Access Connection - Provides easy connection acess for tank cars, tank trucks, intermodal tanks, and in-process operations.
- Connects with D2000TM Actuating Coupler or Kamvalok® 1700 Series Dry Disconnect Couplings.
- Easy Cleaning - Can be quickly disassembled.
- Specifically designed for applications using ASME flanges.

- Available in 1-1/2", 2" and 3" sizes
- Heavy Duty construction.
- Available with raised face flange or optional tongue and groove design.
- Spring-Loaded Poppet Design - Assures fast closing and tight-seal.
- Wide range of seals available.
- Stainless Steel only.



Ordering Specifications:

Adaptor Configuration O-Ring Seal Connection Construction Material Size Style


7 = Stainless 

2 - FKM
3 - PTFE/ Silicone
4 - EPDM

ANF = 150lbs flange

ANFT = 300lbs Flange


SS - Stainless Steel

15 -1 1/2" 

20 - 2" 

30 - 3" 


GL = Greaseless

KG = Krytox Grease

KL = Keylok

MOQ and/or leadtime may incurred for non standard or non-stock items, please enquire with us regarding availability.
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